Karhun Talo

House of the Bear



You have the strength and wisdom of the Ancient Pines
Lightness and flexibility of the blades of grass
— Tyyne Räsänen, grandmother of helena


All the courses and retreats take place in different blessed destinations in Finland. Feel welcomed to discover!

8.-10. March 2019:

Essential course on shamanism. Course on shamanic principles and work with the medicine table. Villa Mandala, Loviisa

6.-7. April 2019:

Mother Earth, Drums, and Ceremony: Ceremonial Drum course, Puukarin Pysäkki, Valtimo

26. April -1. May 2019:

Shamanism & Dance Spring Retreat, Kolin Keidas, Koli National Park

15.-19. June 2019:

Around Lake Pielinen: Pilgrimage to the Sacred Sites

Around Lake Pielinen in East Finland. Visiting several holy and sacred ancient sites around the lake, as well as church boat journey on the lake.  (possibility to continue to midsummer retreat until 23. June)

19.-23. June 2019:

Summer Butterflies: Shamanic Midsummer Family Retreat, Metsäkartano Wilderness Center, Rautavaara

12.-19. July 2019:

Summer Retreat, Frantsila Well-Being Center, Hämeenkyrö

12.-15. September 2019:

Friends of the Forest: Shamanic weekend course, Kolin Keidas, Koli National Park

8.-10. November 2019:

The World of the Shaman - ceremonial course weekend, Frantsila Well-Being Center, Hämeenkyrö

27. December 2019 – 1. January 2020:

New Year 2020 Family Retreat, Metsäkartano Wilderness Center, Rautavaara




Karhun Talo means the House of the Bear. This is a project to establish a center for shamanism and folk healing in Koli, Finland. Here you can read more about the vision and goals of the center. 



The House of the Bear is a center of folk healing and shamanism in North Karelia in Finland, which sustains and develops the ancient traditions for holistic well-being reaching from individual to the society. The House of the Bear offers variety of professional services such as folk healing, traditional Finnish cupping, traditional bone setting, shamanic healing, and energy treatments such as Reiki. The center offers courses and retreats on shamanism, folk healing, and related topics. The center provides network for shamanic practitioners and folk healers locally, nationally, and internationally. The House of the Bear is professionally working community effort, which provides jobs for folk healers.

The House of the Bear is of impressive quality architectonically, environmental-aesthetically, and artistically. It provides important destination at Koli, Finland, both for culture and for tourism. The core values of the center are based on the promotion of environmental protection in all aspects of life. 




To support the development of folk healing and shamanic traditions in Finland and internationally. The purpose of the center is to maintain, enrich, develop, and internationalize the folk healing traditions in Finland. The purpose is:

·       To give up-to-date and trustful information about folk healing and shamanism.

·       To be easily-accessible and safe place to receive folk healing or shamanic healing, and to study them.

·       To support the inclusion of folk healing methods to the public health care system to provide holistic health care to the general public for increased options.

·       To support the possibilities and understanding of folk healing in Finland.

·       To activate, strengthen, and respect the ancient shamanic heritage of Koli. To develop Koli as the center of shamanic and folk healing activity in Finland.

·       To function as a central place for networking and education of folk healers and shamanic practitioners.

·       To function as a link for international healers and students, who would like to learn more about folk healing traditions and shamanism.

·       To support scientific studies on folk traditions, especially those of folk healing and shamanism.

·       To offer support for artistic work.






Karhun Talo - The House of the Bear is a project initiated by Helena Karhu, M.Soc.Sc, BA. Helena is a shamanic teacher and practitioner, born in 1978 in Joensuu, Finland. She is a mother of 6-year old twins. Helena is an anthropologist doing her Ph.D. research on shamanism at the University of Eastern Finland. Helenas life project is Karhun Talo (House of the Bear), Center of Shamanism and Folk Healing, She has strong passion to bring forth the true essence of Koli as the shamanic power place of Finland, and the true Spirit of Koli.  

Helena’s main teacher is a Peruvian shaman don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who has taught Helena advanced studies in shamanic healing arts, alchemy, and magic. Helena has deep roots in Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice, and likes to incorporate the Tibetan practices into her Nordic heritage along with the Peruvian wisdom traditions. Helena’s passion is to bring forth the light-increasing, co-operative, and empowering aspects of the shamanic practice, where everyone can rest as they are, yet have freedom to become who they are.

I want to be involved to increase the trust, experience, and scientific knowledge on the possibilities of folk healing for the holistic well-being.
Besides a body, a human being consists of soul, mind, and spirit. These dimensions of consciousness have to be considered, if we like to have long, healthy, and happy human life.
— Helena Karhu


We are currently looking for supporters and founders to dedicate their resources for the project.

Establishing The House of the Bear as a center at Koli region in Finland requires economic resources. The role of private investors and supporters crucially important for the project. Together we can improve the possibilities of folk healing and shamanic practice in Finland and internationally. We are grateful for the donations and support for the project. 

For more information and contact: info@karhuntalo.com



You are most welcome to contact by writing an e-mail in English, if you are interest to have a shamanic or folk healing session, participate a course, ceremony, or retreat, or for other inquiries. We are based in East Finland.

It is also possible to write in Danish, Swedish or Spanish.

+358 (0)40 5148788